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Senior Year Begins
(9/28/04 - ZT)
This semester I'll be taking compiler engineering, computer graphics, and pervasive human-centric computing. It looks like there'll be a large amount of C++/Java/Python programming - definitely a good thing. Later in the semester I hope to post some of my programs, including a complete ray tracer!

Kathleen Rubritz Google Challenge
(9/17/04 - ZT)
While in New York City I had the opportunity to meet one of the famed software engineers of my lifetime - Kathleen Rubritz. Although unknown to many, Ms. Rubritz is on track to be featured as Time's "Person of the Year" someday. One of our discussions involved me beating her in Google rank for the search term "Rubritz". This is my attempt to achieve greatness.

Dr. Mario Clone for PC
(9/17/04 - ZT)
Newly in development is Zingtech's Dr. Mario Clone. This updated clone of the original Nintendo Dr. Mario will run on Windows PCs and be able to connect to others over the internet. Development is currently underway and beta tests will be needed in the near future.

Monet Goes High Tech
(5/12/04 - ZT)
For the final project of my microcontroller project laboratory I created a machine that could paint in the impressionistic style of Monet. Replacing muscles with motors and mastery of painting with a computer, this machine could paint anything! Check out the action-packed video for details!

Manhattan Madness
(3/30/04 - ZT)
This summer I have chosen to intern at Morgan Stanley in New York City. I can't wait to live in the city and experience all it has to offer! During the past month I visited the city twice to interview and took some pictures which I've posted.

From Monet to Matczynski
(1/20/04 - ZT)
What could be more beautiful than a stunning landscape painted by Claude Monet? After a recent trip to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts I felt inspired. Inspired to become an impressionist! After purchasing paints and other supplies, I set out to create my masterpieces. Check out how I'm doing in the gallery.

Boston Marathon 2004
(1/20/04 - ZT)
After running all summer in Albuquerque I decided it was time to attempt something more - a marathon. A 26 mile, 385 yard celebration so to speak. Being a college student in Cambridge MA, I've been a spectator at past years marathons. Maybe 2004 would be the year I'd actually stop watching and start running.

Pictures from Arizona
(8/6/03 - ZT)
Arizona is a beautiful state! From breathtaking canyons to ancient ruins from past civilizations, Arizona has it all. This past summer I spent three days experiencing the Grand Canyon, Saguaro National Park, and more! Pictures have been posted of my excellent adventure.

Life in Albuquerque, New Mexico
(7/28/03 - ZT)
Working only nine and a half hours a day, there's time to explore and experience New Mexico. Although being in the middle of desert has disadvantages, there's still plenty to do. Albuquerque is a great location for running due to its high elevation and numerous hills.

Tentative Junior Year Schedule
(6/15/03 - ZT)
Two years of MIT down, two more to go! Next semester looks like a great deal of fun! Signals and Systems, Computational Structures, Microelectronic Devices and Circuits, and more! I'm also taking introduction biology because it is an general institute requirement. If time allows, Microelectronic Device Fabrication Technology looks like a fun class.

Timpani and Percussion
(1/18/03 - ZT)
My favorite past time is music, so I've created a page dedicated to my encounters with timpani and percussion. Listed are all pieces the MIT Symphony Orchestra has played during the past two years, as well as a list of pit orchestras I've been in and solos I've performed.

Simmons Hall Pictures Posted
(12/29/02 - ZT)
Imagine, a dorm made of thousands of little windows and cave like walls of concrete! This is no joke, and I happen to be lucky enough to live there. Some people would say that Stephen Holl is a fabulous architect. Others would say he's crazy. You be the judge! After viewing these pictures, you'll form your own opinion. Pictures of my dorm are now posted.

Sophomore Year Begins - Artificial Intelligence "Looks Promising"
(9/23/02 - ZT)
My second year has started MIT! This year is looking as good as ever, with a wide variety of classes in my schedule. Artificial Intelligence "looks promising," though differential equations and macroeconomics aren't far behind. Hopefully I'll be able to incorporate some intelligence into my leisure programming projects, such as my upcoming title, Pirates!

"Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" Named "Best class"
(5/21/02 - ZT)
It's finals week at MIT, so I thought I would highlight the best class of the semester-6.001. This class is the first of four introductory computer science courses. Using the language of scheme, proper data abstraction, recursion, object oriented programming principles, complex data structures, and more were demystified. Full course text can be found on the web site.

RoncalliAlum.com Closed
(2/24/02 - ZT)
After less than a year of faithful service to Roncalli High School alumni, RoncalliAlum.com has ceased operations. Coming as a surprise to many, this decision came as a result of increased pressure from school faculty and administration who believed the uncensored message boards did not reflect the values of the school. Final thoughts and in-depth information concerning the closing can now be accessed at the aforementioned address.

Tora! Tora! Bora!
(1/15/02 - ZT)
In light of recent tragic events, Zingtech has created a game to bolster support for the United States in its time of war. Taking place over the skies of Afghanistan, Tora! Tora! Bora! instills a patriotic feeling in players to help Americans through this difficult time. A prerelease version is now available, and the finished game will be available for free download when completed.

Zingtech.com Moves to East Coast
(11/11/01 - ZT)
Zingtech's founder and owner, Michael Matczynski, has recently relocated to Cambridge, MA to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He plans to continue operating his company from its new location, focusing especially on the development of multimedia applications. This move has been "truly inspiring," recalls Matczynski. "There's so much talent and lots of new ideas here."

RoncalliAlum.com Perl Script Implemented
(10/15/01 - ZT)
Zingtech recently has developed an alumni search engine interface for use on the RoncalliAlum.com server, serving the graduates of Roncalli High School in Manitowoc, WI. Coding was done in Perl along with a text database of student's information. Look for an upcoming "feature" concerning the art of Perl coding soon.

Cross Country Running Game - Release a04
(6/19/01 - ZT)
Development on the cross country running game continues to progress. Recently added to the game are the particle system and start and finish graphics. "Collision detection needs a little work," noted Michael Matczynski. "A greater majority of it is not yet implemented." Nonetheless, the game is very stable and runs on a variety of computer configurations, according to internal testing.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology "Feature" Added
(6/18/01 - ZT)
This upcoming fall, Zingtech founder and CEO Michael Matczynski will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue electrical engineering and computer science. He currently is in the process of compiling information about the institute, and will describe what campus life is like on this web site. "I've always wondered what a college like MIT is like" stated Matczynski. "Hopefully my contribution will allow others to experience MIT." The MIT features is accessible from the navigation bar on the left.

Humorous Cross Country Running Game Announced
(11/23/00 - ZT)
Zingtech has revealed plans to enter the entertainment software market in the sports genre of cross country. Targeted at adolescents and young adults, this game presents a humorous perspective of the sport of cross country running. Zingtech founder and CEO Michael Matczynski stated that "With this game, our company plans to dominate the yet untapped niche market of digital cross country running." He also stated that development is going as planned, and foresees a beta release in the next few weeks. This game is expected to be released as shareware next year.

Shareware Computer Game Announced
(9/20/00 - ZT)
Zingtech has plans underway to create a multimedia game unlike any other. Based on real-life Wisconsin culture, this upcoming game will include an intriguing plot with interactive gameplay elements. This game is expected to be released as shareware in the mid part of next year.

"Beginning Computers" Class Takes Off
(7/25/00 - ZT)
The Beginning Computers class has recently started. This class will meet every Tuesday for six weeks at Anne's Parish computer lab in Francis Creek, WI. Topics discussed will include Windows 95 basics, computer hardware, and advice for purchasing a new computer. Teaching this class is Zingtech founder and CEO, Michael Matczynski. If interested in attending an upcoming class, please contact Zingtech.

FloppyArchive Beta 1 Released
(6/17/00 - ZT)
After much hard work, beta 1 is ready to be tested. Most of the features are implemented and operational, but the documentation has yet to be written. Bugs are present in this software. It is your job, if you choose to accept, to find bugs of any type in this program and promptly report them to Zingtech. Try testing on numerous configurations and report your successful and unsuccessful attempts. Your time and promptness is appreciated.

Sizzling Summer Rates Announced
(6/13/00 - ZT)
Due to expanded availability, rates for web site development, technology consultation, and custom programming have dropped dramatically for the summer season. In addition, numerous improvements have been made to Zingtech's web site, so be sure to check it out.

Beta Testing Applications Now Being Accepted
(4/27/00 - ZT)
Applications are now being accepted to beta test Zingtech products. CEO Michael Matczynski stated, "I look forward to working with outside testers to create a quality product." Michael also stated that he has high expectations for the software. "This will be a robust and user-friendly product," he later added.

Zingtech FloppyArchive Announced
(4/24/00 - ZT)
Zingtech Computer Solutions disclosed its first consumer-software product, FloppyArchive, currently in development. This utility will give users an easier way to manager floppy disks and rewritable cd-rom disks.

Herald Times Reporter Business Profile
(3/15/00 - ZT)
Recently, Zingtech Computer Solutions was interviewed by the Herald Times Reporter; Manitowoc, Wisconsin's local newspaper. A business profile was completed, and the write-up will appear in a future Sunday Progress Edition.

Mike's Miscellaneous Mess to Take New Ownership
(2/10/00 - ZT)
Mike's Miscellaneous Mess, a site of a plethora of computer information and other useful knowledge, was acquired today by Zingtech Computer Solutions. Zingtech plans to continue to prove all the original content, which was a great asset to the Internet community.

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