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Adding Power Folding Mirrors to a 2018 Honda Odyssey EX-L
(2/15/19 - ZT)
Adding Power Folding Mirrors to 2018 Honda Odyssey EX-LWhen recently shopping for a minivan the mid-level 2018 Honda Odyssey EX-L looked great but was too wide for my garage. Instead of purchasing the top-trim Elite trim which had power-folding mirrors pre-installed I successfully modded an EX-L for much less cost.


OpenGL Tutorials
(6/22/07 - ZT)
OpenGL TutorialsLearning a technology like OpenGL can be quite a challenge and until recently all online OpenGL tutorials have been quite disappointing. A new web site called "Video Tutorials Rock" aims to make learning OpenGL easy by using a series of video tutorials to cover OpenGL concepts such as drawing primitives, cameras, alpha blending, particle systems, fog, reflections, and more! Be sure to check out the OpenGL and GLUT tutorials.


Software Engineering at Endeca Technologies
(11/17/06 - ZT)
EndecaMichael Matczynski has begun his career at Endeca Technologies in Cambridge, MA developing search technology to help people find, analyze, and understand information in ways never before possible. He's currently working on the the new operational model called the Endeca Application Controller, which exposes WSDL web services to allow the user to monitor and control the Endeca Information Access Platform.


Catch Wine - Guide to American Wineries and Vineyards
(11/1/06 - ZT)
American Wineries and VineyardsBeing an avid wine drinker and having visited a number of wineries, Michael Matczynski developed a web site to help people find wineries throughout the United States. Combining the power of Google Maps with the simplicity of clean design, CatchWine.com enables people to easily browse and find wineries. Simply enter an address into the Winery Explorer and a list of the closest wineries will appear.


Wireless Home Networking for Beginners
(3/21/06 - ZT)
Wireless Home NetworkingWith wireless home networking such a popular topic I've written a guide to building a wireless home network. This article covers wireless network basics, 802.11 wireless technologies, equipment you'll need for your wireless network starter kit, setup instructions, and security considerations to protect your wireless Internet router from misuse.


Internships in the Software Industry
(3/16/06 - ZT)
Internships in the Software IndustryI've decided to look back and reflect on the three summer internships I've had at Electronic Arts, Morgan Stanley and Sandia National Laboratories during my summers away from MIT. I've assigned each one a grade based on the overall intern experience, both in terms of me learning more about their company as well as my professional development.


Operating Systems, Global Illumination, Robots, and More
(1/28/06 - ZT)
MIT Final ProjectsFor the final project in an operating system class I just completed this past Fall, my partner and I developed a graphical operating system we like to call MSMMOS. That got me thinking about all the interesting projects I've worked on during my years at MIT. Thus, I've put together a listing of some of the more interesting projects as well as some images and videos.


Michael Matczynski to Develop Software at Endeca Technologies
(1/28/06 - ZT)
Endeca TechnologiesAfter graduation, Michael Matczynski has decided to begin his career at Endeca, a small and quickly growing software company in Cambridge, MA. Endeca develops software for e-commerce web sites, and is well known among web developers for its Guided Navigation, Search, and Analysis capabilities.


Pictures from my Sunny Summer in California
(1/28/06 - ZT)
California PicturesWhile in California this past summer for my internship at EA I adventured throughout the area and tried to experience the locate culture and flavor. I visited all the normal tourist areas such as the Legion of Honor, Palace of Fine Arts, Fisherman's Wharf, and Coit Tower. I even saw a man picking up pigeons and giving them to children!


Electronic Arts Software Engineering Internship
(4/24/05 - ZT)
Electronic Arts Software Engineering InternshipAfter a couple rounds of interviews with EA I was offered a software engineering internship with The Sims team this summer. It definitely sounds like I'll have a great time developing network and graphics tools and features. The link describes the process of finding an internship in the entertainment industry.


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