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Amit's Game Programmer Information
A very useful collection of information about game programming. Some of the main categories of interest are: shortest path techniques, tile based games, hexagonal grids, artificial intelligence, object oriented programming, adventure games, and game design.
"The art and science of making games." Current game industry news, feature articles and tutorials, job search, and a directory of other game development sites.
Very extensive site with daily updates. Contains reference materials, community resources, directories, book reviews, surveys, source code, and a game dictionary.

Microsoft Visual C++

Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler
The official MS Visual C++ website. What else can I say?
Microsoft DirectX SDK
Downloads for end users and developers, tutorials, expert opinions, new additions to directx, and FAQs.


DJGPP C/C++ Compiler
The official DJGPP website. Go here for tons of info and how to download it. Has a large FAQ and the C library reference online. I find the C library reference very helpful.
DJGPP ZIP File Picker
If you want to download DJGPP, go here. This form asks questions on how you will be using DJGPP and it will automatically tell you exactly which files you need. It asks you questions in the following categories: FTP site, Basic Functionality, Integrated Development Environment( IDE) and Tools, and Extra Stuff. It then provides direct links to download the ZIP files from the FTP site closest to your geographic location.
Allegro Homepage
Allegro, which is a wonderful game programming library for DJGPP running under DOS. It is simple and easy to use. Highly recommend for DOS game programming.
WSock for DJGPP
This program supposedly allows you to access the TCP/IP protocol from a DOS window. However, I have not gotten this to work. I run Windows 98 and someone told me that Windows 98 has a different WSOCK driver than Windows 95 and the two are not compatible.

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