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This section is left up for display of past projects that Michael Matczynski has worked on. To view current Zingtech game projects, please visit our Products Page.

Mike's Game Projects

Pong: Dec 16, 1998

Screenshot of Mike's Pong game This is the second game I have made with DirectX. It is the classic pong game, except with better graphics. The goal of the game is to bounce the pong-ball back and forth between the paddles and to try to get the pong-ball to get past your opponent's paddle. This is a full-screen DirectX DirectDraw application. The picture to the right is an old picture of how it used to look. I have different graphics now.

Fun for the whole neighborhood! Provides minutes of action-packed enjoyment! :)

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Since this pong game is still under development, please send me comments or suggestions to make my game better. Thanks!

Tic-Tac-Toe: Oct 15, 1998

Screenshot of Mike's Tic-Tac-Toe game This is the very first game I have made with DirectX. It is the classic tic-tac-toe game. If you don't yet know, the goal of the game is to get 3 of your marks in a row, X or O. The first person to get 3 of their marks in a row wins and the game resets, read to play another fast, actioned packed game! However, if there is a tie, press the reset button to challenge your opponent to a rematch. It is a windows window that uses DirectDraw.

Fun for the whole family! Provides minutes of enjoyment! :)


Since this tic-tac-toe game is still under development, please send me comments or suggestions to make my game better. Thanks!

Unfinished Space Arcade Game: sometime in 1997

This game used DJGPP and Allegro. It was the first game I have ever made. The reason it is unfinished and work has stopped on it is because my code got messy and too large. I had one file that was about 2000 lines long of messy code. I decided that instead of reorganizing all the code, I would just move on to other things and start a new project. I have a version available for download, but beware. It was written for DOS and may crash in Windows.


My Other Projects

HTML Side Navigation Helper: Mar 14, 1998

This program was also written with Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0. It is for DOS because I don't know know much about Windows programming yet. My main objective for the program was to make it easy for me to add a side navigation bar to multiple webpages using tables.

In my opinion, this program is very easy to use. It is even easier to maintain a website because all you do is run the program and it is done. This entire website was created using this program.

There are four files to it:
Executable file. Run this for updating all the files in the filelist.txt file.
When convert.exe is run, all the files listed in this file (content files) are updated/created. Each filename is placed on a separate line (enter after each line).
Template file. This contains the page layout table, or whatever else you want to put in it. Somewhere in the file is the tag: . Wherever this is located, the content file is inserted in its place.
content files (*.htm, *.html)
This is where the information for each page is. They are combined with the template to make an output file with the same name that is located in the .\output\ directory.
To run, use the following steps:
  1. Move/create the template file (template.htm) in the same directory that convert.exe is located. It must be named template.htm, no other filename will work. Remember that the tag must be located somewhere in the template file.
  2. Move/create content files (.htm or .html) in the same directory that convert.exe is located. The body opening and closing tags do not have to be in the files, but it will not hurt. If the body tags are located, only the text inbetween the tags will be inserted into the template file. If the body tags are not located, the entire file will be inserted into the template file.
  3. Add all the names of the content files into the filelist (filelist.txt). Each content filename should be on a separate line (enter after each line).
  4. Run convert.exe
  5. The program will create a directory named 'output' and will put the output files there.
-currently unavailable

Prime Number Tester/Generator: Feb 13, 1998

I just bought Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 and I wanted to test the IDE and compiler out so I decided to do this little project. This program has 2 main options: you can input a number and it will test it to see if it is prime; and it will list all the prime numbers from 2 through infinity (well, actually until 4,000,000,000 or when it is stopped, which ever comes first ;) ). I have the basic functionality hammered out, but it is not yet as efficient as I would like it to be. I also have not implemented all of the options.


Current Status:

Currently I am experimenting with DirectX, specifically DirectDraw and DirectSound. I am also writing my DirectX wrapper called MDX with all my newfound knowledge.

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