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Gather Ideas

Get ideas from other websites to point you in the right direction Creating a web site may seem difficult and confusing at first, but with our help we can turn your dreams into reality. The first step in creating any web site is to get ideas. One of the best places to look for ideas is on the Internet. Visit sites that you like and would like your site to resemble. Gather ideas from existing sites so we know what direction we will take in the creation of your web site. We will incorporate your ideas into your custom web site, built to your specifications.

Contact Us

Contact ZingTech Next, you should contact us. We will discuss your web site ideas and give you suggestions on how to make them better. We will give you suggestions on how to make your website more functional, efficient, and user friendly. Once we have a firm understanding of what you want your web site to be like, we will discuss the various services available and how much they will cost. We will then come to a mutually agreeable price. You will be required to pay a 20% down payment before we begin construction. Once this is done, we will begin construction on your web site.


This is the step where ideas become reality. We take your ideas and our ideas and create a personalized web site, built to your specifications. During construction of your web site, you will be able to view the progress of it by privately viewing it while it is being created. This will give you the opportunity to provide feedback to us if you wish to make any changes, or if something does not turn out as you thought it would.

If you are already a client, you can login to view you web site


Once we complete creating your web site, we will give you a final opportunity to make slight changes to the web site before it is finished. Once this is done, the web site will be considered complete and you will be billed the remaining 80% of the amount you previously agreed to.

There are a variety of ways you may obtain the final web site:
  1. Electronically via FTP Download
    You can download your web site in a compressed archive (zip) from our FTP site. This will allow you to download your web site immediately, without waiting for e-mail or U.S. Postal mail. Once you receive the file, you may do whatever you would like with it.
  2. Electronically via E-mail
    We can send you your web site in a compressed archive (zip) in an e-mail attachment. Once you receive the file, you may do whatever you would like with it.
  3. CD-ROM/Floppy via U.S. Postal Mail
    We can send you your web site in a compressed archive (zip) by way of the U.S Postal Service. We can place your web site onto a CD-ROM or floppy disk and send it to you. Once you receive the file, you may do whatever you would like with it.

Website Hosting

Once finished, you have the option of allowing us to find a web server to host your website. This will allow people from all over the world to view your web site. We will take care of all the setup required. We will then upload your custom web site to the server, allowing the entire world to view it.

If you decide you would like us to set up web site hosting for you, we will set it up with Pair Networks. The prices and services they provide are excellent.

Web Hosting Prices
1 month $4.95
3 months $14.55
6 months $28.51
12 months $54.65
Web Hosting Features
30 megabytes disk space
3 gigabytes traffic per month
Triple DS-3 Network
1 POP3 Mailbox

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